UK Dairy Concentric Reducer

90 -DIN 11852 Weld Elbow

UK Dairy Weld Tee

Sanitary Straight Swivel Style 20

Clamp with Safety Collar

DIN32676 Single Pin Heavy Duty Clamp

UK-Clamp Ferrule

SMS Expanding Liner


B5101-Series Butterfly Valve with Pull Handle Weld End

B5101-Series Butterfly Valve with Vertical Spring Return Actuation

SV-Series Single Seat Hygienic Valve-T-T-Body-Double Acting

San Hygienic Food Grade-Suction & Delivery-Hose

San-SilTM Silicone Suction & Delivery Hose

Delikatesse-Non-Toxic-Clear-PVC-Suction & Delivery-Hose


Hose Tubing

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